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 Release Date: 

 Runtime: 116 min

 MPAA Rating: R

 Language: English, Hindi, Bengali

 Country: USA

 Extraction Movie Synopsis

Following a day at school, Ovi Mahajan – child of a detained Indian medication master – escapes his home to visit a club, where he is seized by cops working for rival sedate ruler Amir Asif. Saju Rav, a previous Para (S.F.) administrator and Ovi's defender, visits Ovi's dad in jail. Reluctant to pay the payoff as it will hurt the renown of Ovi's dad, Ovi Mahajan Sr. orders Saju to recover his child, undermining Saju's own family.

Tyler Rake, an underground market soldier of fortune and previous SASR administrator, is enrolled by individual hired fighter Nik Khan to protect Ovi from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Rake and Khan's group plan to extricate Ovi, with his dad's men set to pay them once Ovi is recuperated. Rake salvages Ovi, murders his captors, and takes him to the extraction point, however his dad's men deliberately neglect to move the assets. Rather, Saju executes Rake's partners to bring Ovi back himself to maintain a strategic distance from any installment to the soldier of fortune gathering. Learning of Ovi's getaway, Asif orders a prompt lockdown of Dhaka, making sure about all extensions out of the city.

 Extraction Movie Cast & Crew

Actors: Chris Hemsworth, Bryon Lerum, Ryder Lerum, Rudhraksh Jaiswal

Directors: Sam Hargrave

Writers: Joe Russo, Ande Parks, Anthony Russo (from story by), Fernando León González

Producers: Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Mike Larocca, Chris Hemsworth, Eric Gitter, Peter Schwern

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