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 Release Date: 

 Runtime: 145 min

 MPAA Rating: NR

 Language: Tamil, Telugu

 Country: India

 Kaithi Movie Synopsis

At a kids' inn for stranded young ladies, a multi year old young lady named Amudha is told by the carers that somebody significant is going to meet her at 10:00 AM, the following morning. She pauses, pondering who it might be.

A sneaking van conveying a huge amount of medications and a gathering of dealers are caught by Inspector Bejoy and his group. The medications have a place with Adaikalam, who none of the cops have seen nor know what he looks like. Adaikalam's sibling Anbu plans to catch the five police authorities, slaughter them, and ingest their medications once more from them. He reports a gathering of partners in crime to kill the five police officers and guaranteed lifetime settlement for them. As indicated by Anbu's arrangement, the entirety of the police authorities in the city get high and oblivious in the wake of expending harmed drinks at a higher authority's retirement party. Bejoy, who kept away from the beverages as he was under drug, escapes from the arrangement and attempts to spare the lives of all the oblivious authorities without letting the media or any other person from the outside discovering. He persuades Dilli, an ex-detainee who happened to be there with him as he was confined for looking suspicious (and being the one in particular who can drive the lorry) to assist him with sparing the officials' lives by promising him that he will assist him with meeting his girl Amudha just because the following morning with the assistance of a lorry acquired from Kamatchi, a cook at the Inspector General of Police's house. As Kamatchi has great information on courses and streets, Dilli guides him to accompany them also. Dilli, Bejoy, and Kamatchi together burden the oblivious groups of the authorities onto the lorry and get them to the medical clinic as quickly as time permits without letting the hoodlums get their bodies.

 Kaithi Movie Cast & Crew

Actors: Karthi, Narain, Ramana, George Maryan

Directors: Lokesh Kanagaraj

Writers: Lokesh Kanagaraj

Producers: S. R. Prakashbabu, S. R. Prabhu, Thiruppur Vivek

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