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 Release Date: 

 Runtime: 148 min

 MPAA Rating: N/A

 Language: Kannada, Hindi

 Country: India

 Kantara Hindi Dubbed Movie Synopsis

In 1847, the lord concurs with Panjurli Daiva/Bhoota (an Animist type of soul revered by local people of Udupi/Mangalore area and a few pieces of western ghats of Karnataka and Kasargod region of Northern Kerala) to exchange the timberland land to the neighborhood clans individuals in return for harmony and joy by Daiva. However the Daiva concurs, the ancestral individuals cautions the lord that the group of the Daiva would follow the diety and any endeavor to backpedal on the word will cause the anger of the Guliga Daiva. In 1970, the lord's replacement gets consumed by eagerness and requests the ancestral individuals to give the land back during the Bhoota Kola celebration and cautions about going to court, yet following a couple of months bites the dust a puzzling demise.

In 1990, Muralidhar is a timberland official, who maintains that the woodland land should be immaculate, yet is tested by a Kambala competitor named Kaadubettu Shiva, alongside the support of the his lord and the town's property manager Devendra Suttooru, who is the child of the ruler's replacement in present day. Murali and Shiva are in constant conflict with one another and choose to dismiss the timberland by fencing the woodland land and makes Shiva's sweetheart and a backwoods monitor named Leela to persuade the residents, however they reject and put-downs them, where they figure out how to fence the backwoods land and fiercely smother Shiva and the locals. In the mean time, Shiva is approached to play out the Buta Kola celebration, however he declines as his dad vanished before him while playing out the customs.

While wandering around the timberland with Devendra to meet the previous' better half, Shiva witness the diety that generally happen in his fantasies and take off in dread, alongside Devendra. Because of inner self, Murali choose to capture Shiva and his companions, where he heads to their refuge alongside Devendra's thug Sudhakara. In any case, Shiva and companions self-isolated, however are subsequently caught and detained. At the point when Shiva's cousin-sibling Guruva demand Devendra to deliver Shiva, the last option advises him to cause the locals to accept that the Daiva believes them should offer their territory to Devendra, however Guruva rejects because of which Devendra kills him. It is uncovered that Devendra needed to look for retaliation against the Daiva and the residents for killing his dad, where he believes the locals should offer their property to him.

 Kantara Hindi Dubbed Movie Cast & Crew

Actors: Rishab Shetty, Sapthami Gowda, Kishore Kumar G.

Directors: Rishab Shetty

Writers: Rishab Shetty

Producers: Vijay Kiragandur

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