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 Release Date: 

 Runtime: 134 min

 MPAA Rating: PG-13

 Language: English

 Country: Canada, United States

 The Woman King Movie Synopsis

In the West African realm of Dahomey during the 1820s,[4] General Nanisca, head of the all-female gathering of fighters, the Agojie, frees Dahomean ladies who were stole by slave masters from the Oyo Domain. This incites Lord Ghezo of Dahomey to get ready for a full scale battle with the Oyo. Nanisca starts to prepare another age of champions to join the Agojie to safeguard the realm. Among these champions is Nawi, a solid willed young lady who was presented by her dad to the ruler subsequent to declining to wed men who might beat her. Nawi becomes friends with Izogie, a veteran Agojie. She likewise uncovers that she is taken on to Nanisca and shows a skin coloration to her left side shoulder, stunning Nanisca. European slave masters drove by Santo Ferreira and joined by the half-Dahomean Malik show up in Africa as a component of a union with the Oyo, drove by Broad Oba Ade. Nawi experiences Malik while the last option is washing, and the two become companions. Not long after moving on from preparing to turn into an undeniable Agojie, Nawi sneaks off to talk with Malik and discovers that the Oyo are wanting to assault. She reports this to Nanisca, who scolds her for her wildness. Nanisca uncovers that in her childhood, she was caught by Oba, assaulted, and impregnated. Subsequent to bringing forth a little girl, Nanisca implanted a shark tooth in her left shoulder prior to parting with her. Nanisca removes the tooth from Nawi, affirming that she is her organic little girl.

Nanisca drives the Agojie in an assault on the Oyo. The assault is fruitful, however Oba get away and Nawi and Izogie are caught. One of the caught Agojie gets away and reports the others' destiny to Nanisca. Ghezo gets ready to present the title of Lady Lord, his accomplice and equivalent in administering Dahomey, upon Nanisca, yet will not approve a salvage mission for the hostage Agojie. In the mean time, Izogie is killed in a departure endeavor and Malik purchases Nawi to safeguard her. Nanisca challenges requests and sets out with a gathering of similar champions to save the prisoners. The bedlam permits Nawi to get away and rejoin Nanisca. Malik liberates a few different slaves who suffocate Santo, and Nanisca kills Oba in single battle. The victorious Agojie return to Dahomey, where Ghezo secretly and momentarily rebukes Nanisca for resisting him prior to delegated her the Lady Lord. After the celebrations, Nanisca and Nawi secretly recognize their familial relationship.

 The Woman King Movie Cast & Crew

Actors: Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Viola Davis, John Boyega

Directors: Gina Prince-Bythewood

Writers: Maria Bello, Dana Stevens

Producers: Cathy Schulman, Viola Davis, Julius Tennon, Maria Bello

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