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 Language: English

 Country: USA

 Zone 414 Movie Synopsis

Set soon, Zone 414 is a settlement of a cutting edge humanoid robots made by Marlon Veidt, an over the top business investor (Travis Fimmel). At the point when his defiant little girl disappears, he enlists the rough private examiner, David Carmichael (Guy Pearce) to bring her home. David, collaborates with Jane (Matilda Lutz), an exceptionally progressed and mindful A.I., to find the missing girl. Traveling through the risky iron wilderness, they quickly piece together the secret, yet uncover a wrongdoing that leads them to scrutinize the starting points of Zone 414 and the genuine reason behind the "City of Robots".

 Zone 414 Movie Cast & Crew

Actors: Guy Pearce, Travis Fimmel, Colin Salmon, Ned Dennehy

Directors: Andrew Baird

Writers: Bryan Edward Hill

Producers: Andrew Baird, Martin Brennan, Jib Polhemus, Deborah Shaw-Kolar. Greg Shapiro

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